Target Market: Artists that lack the resources of a team and want to seek a serious career in music.

Mission Statement:

The Face Facts Recording Studio Engineers are all recording artists and brand owners so clients get hands on assistance from a technical and creative standpoint. No studio in Baltimore specifies in branding, mixing, mastering, and artist development like the team at FFRS does. FFRS becomes your creative team and you get a top notch personal experience that extends beyond what a commercial studio provides. We offer overnight housing options, flexible scheduling, bottle service and complimentary entertainment options including TV, Wifi, Xbox One, a full kitchen and free coffee. We provide artist with the tools to WIN NOW through quality content and a detailed plan of attack that is outlined monthly. We make you the artist that is proactive and not reactive and see to it that you have the tools to monetize your vision and create a sustainable brand for long term success. Monthly subscription options give you a no risk guarantee and support of the FFRS long term. Book your subscription now and build something bigger than one song. It’s a marathon! Let us run it with you!

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