Man the experience at the studio is unreal compared to the ones I’ve been in I appreciate the effort an talent you an your team put forth with helping me become a better artist keep it up #youstillmymentor

Devin Williams, Client, Recording Artist

My experience at Face Facts recordings has always been a pleasant one. Everything you’ll ever need as an artist is literally right there and they also offer different services to accommodate out of town customers. You get a engineer that actually cares about the art and isn’t just trying to get your money and the sound is top notch. I definitely would & have recommended them for anyone who’s looking to maximize their talents.

Stanley Christian, Client, Recording Artist

Face Facts Recording Studio Is a Radio Ready Studio, it’s a one stop shop for any artist that is serious about getting their careers off the ground. Dope Studio , with people who focus in on the artist and their music. They don’t lose clients they only gain.

Stanley Savoy, Artist Manager, 92q Radio

Face Facts Recording Studio absolutely changed my perspective about not just the music industry, but the structure of business as a whole. Artistically I was challenged to look within myself and tap into a dimension that I didn’t know was there, but they did. I must say the time spent helped me grow tremendously as an artist, but more importantly as an individual. The professionalism is unmatched and the honest care for the client is very family oriented.

Alex Todd, Recording Artist

Professional quality cost. If you take your career seriously and want to work with an insightful and sophic industry professional, invest your money with Mr. Bell. He is a professional who possesses industry standard equipment and information to provide you with a great high quality sound.

Corbin Smith, Manager

I was invited to the studio to record on a friend’s record. When I got there, I was thoroughly impressed with the setup and overall investment made into the space. I was also happy with how I felt after leaving that first session. Dallas listens to concerns, answers with solutions and is extremely accommodating. We were in undoubtedly good hands that knew what they were doing, cared about the final product, and pushed for the best vocal sounds! Thank you and keep it up!

Kia M. Dawkins , Client, Recording Artist

My last 4 months have been nothing but motivational at the Face Facts Recording Studio. The professionalism is unmatched. The Environment is indescribable. The Passion and Care that Facts Major has for his clients is Priceless. Never have I physically seen someone so passionate about music, and the well being of the artist. As a platinum Subscriber, my confidence has grown, my ear for music has improved, and my sword has been sharpened. In my opinion, every penny was well spent. Thank your for your service, Face Facts Recordings.

Iquille Williams, Client, Recording Artist

I’ve witnessed and watched that studio go from middle class to becoming rich. Rich is not only defined by wealth. Rich is as an overall feeling, from its physical appearance to its quality in sound from the new sound systems! I’ve watched some of the greatest record and make magic at Face Facts Recording studio, Kondwani Fidel being one of them! The beauty of this process is that Facts actually cares about his clients and push them to be great. He will invest as much time as he needs to in order to make sure that his client leaves out feeling 100% comfortable with that new smash hit record. I recommend any and every artist who is trying to get that “radio play” sound or who needs some consulting to become the overall package as an artist to go to Face Facts Recording studio.

Raven Paris, DTLR Radio ; Love The Culture Radio personality

Facts has industry standard equipment at his studio. He has a great ear for quality and professional sound. His passion for R&B shows throughout all his mixes giving them a polished, warm sound. The studio is comfortable and allows you to vibe to whatever mood you want to create for

Mornin Afta, Recording Artist

It’s an honor to even speak on the work ethic Facts possess. New artists aren’t generally humble in this climate but that’s the total opposite for this young spitter. Facts comes hat in hand looking to be sponge and soak up as much game as he can. Whether it’s marketing, song selection or even criticism, Facts keeps an open mind to any and all topics that can help elevate his craft to the next level!

Nile “Lowkey” Ivey, Beats1 Radio
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